Categories Explained

On the admin dashboard you will find a main button for "Categories"

These are for the menu items.

The structure is:

  • Category Group
    • Category
      • Page

On the categories page you will first determine what the group will be. Some examples for Masaajid are:

  • Services
  • Courses
  • Weekend Classes
  • etc.

The best way to determine what groups you will need is to first know what categories you have. If a category group has only one category and one page in that category then you do not need to put this in a category. You can simple create a standalone page and the link in the header menu, footer or neither of those and have it on the homepage only.

Here is an example structure:
Colour coding: Category Group - Category - Page
Note: Pages are added from the Page section of admin dashboard, they are not managed on the category page. To help understand the categories and what shows in the menu, it is stated here

  • Services
    • General
      • Nikaah
      • Sharee Council
    • Youth
      • Youth Centre
      • Events
  • Education
    • Maktab
      • Application Form
      • Syllabus
    • Weekend Classes
      • Males
      • Females
    • Courses
      • Aalim Course
      • Arabic classes